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Use run 3 detectors

Patrick Koppenburg requested to merge pkoppenb-R3C-RemoveObsoleteDetectors into master

Removing obsolete detectors from Alignment. See lhcb-dpa/project#18.


  • Alignment/AlignTrTools/CMakeLists.txt : change dependencies
  • Alignment/AlignTrTools/src/TrackMultiplicityFilter.cpp : cut on FT clusters rather than IT. The cut at 500 needs a revision. @wouter
  • Alignment/TAlignment/CMakeLists.txt : change dependencies
  • Alignment/TAlignment/src/AlignmentElement.cpp : remove unnecessary includes
  • Alignment/TAlignment/src/AlignAlgorithm.cpp : remove unnecessary includes

Loosely depends on LHCb!2804 (merged) (would likely build without it but better merged at the same time).

Edited by Patrick Koppenburg

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