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Update Lambda2PPi line for BW division

Marian Stahl requested to merge mstahl_lambda_v3 into master

Update Lambda line for Bandwidth Division studies as shown in Joshua's presentation in RTA-DPA general.

The MR will have to be followed up on after changes to the event model in !1242 (merged) and to prepare for Lambdas to be used as intermediate composites (towards !734 (merged)).

Tune the line with pi_MIPCHI2/p_MIPCHI2 (increase by same value; this can be done in FilterTracks already where the properties have prefix L_) and L_BPVVDZ. If that's not sufficient, set L_pi_PT_min to 200 MeV, such that the Lambdas should in principle take the same SVs as any other line.

With this, the (unrealistic^) rate on MinBias with expected data-taking conditions for this year is

Hlt1L02PPi:                                           200/161173, (   37.23 +/-     2.63) kHz

^ unrealistic, because the majority of Lambdas comes from events in which the pion is reconstructed with seeding and matching, and the proton with forward. Since there is a sign error in the parametrization of the seeding and matching (!1210 (merged)), most Lambdas are same sign, and rejected by an opposite sign requirement in the line. Then, there are smaller changes that would impact the rate: the track-chi^2 and the PV association via FDchi2 (!1208 (merged)).

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