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Read MC info from MDF file

Dorothea Vom Bruch requested to merge dovombru_MC_info_in_MDF into master
  • Write PV MC information into raw banks
  • MCParticle information is written to raw banks in the TrackerDumper (as of Rec!2415 (merged))
  • Read MC information (both for MCParticles and MC PVs) using the HostDataProvider inside the sequence, rather than inside AllenThreads.cpp
  • When using MDF as input, read MC information from MDF file using the MDFInputProvider
  • The number of raw banks in every raw event is no longer assumed to be constant, but calculated (needed for MCParticle info raw banks, which have variable size)
  • When using binary files as input, read MC information from binary files using the BinaryInputProvider
  • MCParticle information is stored in banks labeled OTRaw (not used in Run 3)
  • MC PV information is stored in banks labeld OTError (not used in Run 3)
  • Add new input directory input/parameters containing parameters that do not change with the detector configuration
  • Those constants previously located in input/detector_configuration are moved to input/parameters
  • The content of input/detector_configuration can be dumped for any DDDB tag using this script and used directly as input for standalone Allen
  • PrTrackerDumper is moved to Allen since it dumps the MC information for tracks required for Allen's MC physics checks

Requires LHCb!3043 (merged) and Rec!2415 (merged); Goes with Moore!809 (merged)

Closes #202 (closed), #240 (closed), #241 (closed), #250 (closed)

Edited by Dorothea Vom Bruch

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