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Draft: Allen running configuration modes

Dorothea Vom Bruch requested to merge dovombru_throughput_mode into master
  • Add program option mode to select how the input is passed to the thread-stream pairs:
    • benchmark: should be as reproducible as possible, and should distribute an equal amount of work to each thread/stream. Each thread/stream should run a total of events-per-slice * repetitions events. All thread/streams runs on the same events.
    • throughput: is meant for representative throughput measurements across significative portions of data samples. It should be used only with MEP or MDF input. In total events-per-slice * number-of-slices * repetitions events are processed. This should be independent of the number of thread-stream pairs.
    • datataking: continuous mode is the actual data taking mode. The program is run indefinitely.
    • MC-Check: A configurable number of events is processed, w/o repetitions.
  • Remove non-stop option (now datataking mode)

The throughput mode is a new feature, which enables throughput measurements across larger sets of events. Until now, we measured throughput only in benchmark style, where the same events are passed to all thread-stream pairs. throughput mode on the other hand loads a configurable number of events and passes different chunks of events to different thread-stream pairs.

Closes #248 (closed) #130 (closed)

Based on !561 (merged)

Marked as WIP until a CI test is added for the throughput mode.

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