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RetinaCluster v1

Giovanni Bassi requested to merge RCv1 into master

Changes to the VELO RetinaCluster decoding to account for the v1.0 data format, introduced in LHCb!3385 (merged).
This MR is build on top of !655 (merged) (v0.0), that should be merged first.

MDF test files

MDF files produced with v1.0 are available for testing under /eos/lhcb/wg/rta/WP6/Allen/mdf_input/RetinaCluster_samples_v1


This MR is part of a 6-MRs package, including LHCb!3385 (merged) (main MR), Rec!2695 (merged), Moore!1280 (merged), Detector!165 (merged) and lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!227 (merged).

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