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Allen muon decoding

Saverio Mariani requested to merge samarian_muonDecoding into master

Work ongoing to decode Muon detector Tell40s in Allen

  • test with the new CPU decoding (v3) the DDDB and CondDB tags for a produced simulated sample and for some recently acquired data
  • implementation of a test in Moore to compare the dumped tables in Allen and CPU results (see samarian_muonDecoding_testing Moore branch
  • conversion of the Allen DumpMuonGeometry and DumpMuonTables from services to algorithms (see !884 (merged))
  • update of Allen DumpMuonGeometry and DumpMuonTables to the new CPU decoding version (tested with TestMuonTable script)
  • check the new raw bank version is handled correctly (see !935 (merged))
  • adapt the muon decoding to handle raw bank version v3 (non-parallel)
  • muon hits decoded by Rec and Allen are the same
  • parallelization of the muon decoding algorithms
  • implement a versioning of the geometry dumping ( see this commit)
  • drop the getDet?

Has to go together with LHCb!3707 (merged) Detector!262 (merged) Moore!1704 (merged) !957 (merged) MooreOnline!140 (merged)

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