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Redefine the global event cut to not use UT information

Vladimir Gligorov requested to merge gligorov_remove_ut_from_gec into master

This removes the use of UT information from the global event cut. The default cut value is not changed which as a byproduct means that the GEC in Allen will become more of a "sanity" cut removing only the really few very highest occupancy events, which probably goes in the direction we want to go long-term anyway ( @mvesteri @decianm ). This will be a mess of reference updates and I may well have forgotten something but otherwise is ready for review @dovombru @dcampora @raaij

With this MR, the following slowdown is observed due to loosening the GEC:

Device                        Throughput (kHz)    Reference Throughput (kHz)  Speedup    % change    Status
--------------------------  ------------------  ----------------------------  ---------  ----------  ---------
NVIDIA RTX A5000                        136.13                        149.7   0.91x      -9.07%      DECREASED
AMD EPYC 7502 32-Core                    16.72                         17.27  0.97x      -3.20%      OK
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti              110.87                        120.8   0.92x      -8.22%      DECREASED
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090                 176.63                        194.07  0.91x      -8.98%      DECREASED
Device-averaged speedup: 0.93x
               % change: -7.37%
                 status: DECREASED
Edited by Daniel Campora Perez

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