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v2 HltLumiSumary format and add lumi counters

Shu Xian requested to merge sxian_lumi_line into master

depends on LHCb!3803 (merged)

implement more proposed lumi counters

  • counters to be implement codimd:
    • SciFi in different modules and stations
    • ECal
      • ECal ET
      • ECal E_tot in different position
        • Inner upper
        • Middle upper
        • Outer upper
        • Inner bottom
        • Middle bottom
        • Outer bottom
    • Muon in
      • M2: R1, R2, R3, R4
      • M3: R1, R2, R3, R4
      • M4: R1, R2, R3, R4

change the version of the Allen Lumi bank to 2

clean up make_lumi_summary

  • remove the lumi info making parts outside the make_lumi_summary
  • standalone lumi counter infos collection algorithm for different sub-detector
    • calo_lumi_counters, muon_lumi_counters, pv_lumi_counters, scifi_lumi_counters, velo_lumi_counters
    • thus the line could run properly with some of the sub-detector banks missing
  • add dummy_maker to produce a dummy, to substitute missing inputs

more maintainable, and vanish ambiguity for decoding

  • Use the header file LumiSummaryOffsets_V2.h from LHCb
  • add an unsigned int encoding key to the start of every bank, which could be used to determine how was the bank encoded
    • since the json format lumi counters map is not ready yet, the encoding key is now decided by hashing a fixed lumi map.
    • this MR should go before the VDM scan, so the full functionality of the encoding key will be left for the next version
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