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New Hlt{1,2}MCTrueSimEff functors for HltEfficiencyChecker FunTuple migration

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-mctruesimeff-functors into master

Goes with Rec!3415 (merged), Moore!2326 (merged) and MooreAnalysis!122 (merged)

Part of the HltEfficiencyChecker FunTuple migration and retirement of MCDecayTreeTuple. Full description in MooreAnalysis MR. Big-picture description in the HltEfficiencyChecker documentation (being updated in the Moore MR).

Writes functors for new algorithms in Rec!3415 (merged) to be accessed in HltEfficiencyChecker to calculate TrueSim efficiencies with FunTuple. More description in the Rec and MooreAnalysis MRs.

Edited by Ross John Hunter

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