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Fix tests for FTv7 decoding

Roel Aaij requested to merge fix-tests-FTv7 into master

Test and reference updates for LHCb!2942 (merged)

For tests that were already using 11142401_geoSep2019_1 samples from the TestFileDB, the SIMCOND branch upgrade/sim-20190912-vc-md100-FTv7 was created to support FT v7 encoding implemented in LHCb!2942 (merged).

The reprocess-xdigi and reprocess-xdst were using old samples based on the sim-20180530-vc-md100 tag. Because xdigi and xdst files from the 11142401_geoSep2019_1 set were already in the TestFileDB, these tests were switched to those files and the respective tag mentioned above.

depends on LHCb!2942 (merged)

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