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Add v7 FT decoding

Lex Greeven requested to merge upgrade/ft-decoding-v7 into master

This MR adds a working version of the FT v7 decoding, implementing the handling of TELL40 link switches within a bank. Goes together with lhcb-conddb/SIMCOND!142 (merged), Detector!169 (merged) and lhcb-conddb/lhcb-conditions-database!17 (closed).


  • Merged header file with cpp file
  • Added v7 decoding with sorting of clusters in bank


  • Added link sorting for the NZS clusters and digits


  • Merged header file with cpp file
  • Change encoding version to v7
  • Apply link swaps from CONDDB
  • Fixed truncation bit bug
  • Re-sort clusters after implementing link swaps


  • Refactored FTReadoutTool to FTReadoutMap
  • Used as condition derivation
  • Initialise correct version based on version number from CONDDB.
  • Create hardware linkMap from CONDDB information
  • Added method to find SiPM number based on bank number and link number


  • Added comparison operators based on the FTChannelID of the cluster


  • Added masks for link and channel


  • Class representing the TELL40 SourceID
    • To be used for crosschecks
  • Defined as 11 bit T[9:8],L[7:6],Q[5:4],D[3:1],P[0]
  • More information in note (WIP)

Should be tested together with Boole!379 (merged), Moore!1318 (merged), Detector!169 (merged), Allen!849 (merged), and lhcb-conditions-database!17.

Edited by Rosen Matev

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