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HLT1 SelReport fix for TrueSim efficiency studies

Current MR addresses the issue #162. It re-enables the HLT1 TrueSim efficiency algorithm and ensures the fetching of correct SelReport. Additionally, the decoding of the SelRep raw bank for the case when no event was triggered is fixed with the linked MR LHCb!4497. Therefore, these allow the tracking efficiency studies of HLT1 lines, which is crucial for upcoming downstream and faraway (viz. T-Track) studies.

However, after fixing issues as explained above, it became clear, that one has to fix also the bug hidden in HltTrueSimEffAlg and related to calo truth matching. The bug is caused by the existence of calo LHCbIDs in the SelReport output, for which the algorithm is not prepared. As a temporary solution, one may ignore those LHCbIDs, as described in a linked MR (Rec!3801).

Goes with Rec!3801, LHCb!4497.

FYI: @jzhuo @adeoyang @amathad @erodrigu

Edited by Volodymyr Svintozelskyi

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