Fixed ChannelIDs

Merged Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_VPChannelID into master

part of the set of MRS !163 (merged), LHCb!3486 (merged), Lbcom!602 (merged), Rec!2826 (merged), Allen!825 (merged), Boole!386 (merged), Gauss!838 (merged), Panoramix!118 (merged), Run2Support!27 (merged), Alignment!248 (merged)

fixes were :

  • implementation of missing operator<< for VP::ChannelID
  • importation of latest code from LHCb for FTChannelID (the one in Detector was broken)
  • fix of subdetector names in CaloCellCode form Spd/PrsDeprecated to Spd/Prs so that Gauss tests do not fail
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