Removed duplication of channelIDs between LHCb and Detector. Kept Detector ones

Merged Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_ChannelIDs into master

part of the set of MRS Detector!163 (merged), !3486 (merged), Lbcom!602 (merged), Rec!2826 (merged), Allen!825 (merged), Boole!386 (merged), Gauss!838 (merged), Panoramix!118 (merged), Run2Support!27 (merged), Alignment!248 (merged)

Files dropped at this stage : Kernel/LHCbKernel/include/Kernel/CaloCellID.h Kernel/LHCbKernel/include/Kernel/FTChannelID.h Kernel/LHCbKernel/include/Kernel/MuonTileID.h Kernel/LHCbKernel/include/Kernel/UTChannelID.h Kernel/LHCbKernel/include/Kernel/VPChannelID.h Kernel/LHCbKernel/src/VPChannelID.cpp

The rest of the code has been adapted to use native namespace from the Detector package

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