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DeUT implementation

Hangyi Wu requested to merge ut-dd4hep into master

Part of the set !368 (merged) LHCb!4159 (merged) Lbcom!668 (merged) Rec!3458 (merged) Boole!476 (merged) DaVinci!921 (merged)

My dev environment is set up using lb-stack-setup. Below are my config.json file contents

    "binaryTag": "x86_64_v2-centos7-gcc11-opt", 
    "gitBase": "ssh://",
    "gitBranch": {
        "Detector": "ut-dd4hep",
        "default": "master"
    "lcgVersion": "103",
    "useDistcc": true,
    "localPoolDepth": 20,
    "ccacheHostsKey": null,
    "distccLocalslots": 10,
    "distccLocalslotsCpp": 20,
    "functorJitNJobs": 4,
    "useDocker": false
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