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Add support for CondDB schema

Marco Clemencic requested to merge add-conddbschema-support into master

Add support for CondDB schema description as introduced by lhcb-conddb/lhcb-conditions-database!104 (merged)

When the special schema file (.schema.json) is present all required conditions must be available in the database. If there is no schema file we fall back on the implicit creation of null conditions as introduced by !422 (merged).

Adding the .schema.json file to the test CondDBs in the repository means that the changes to some tests made in !422 (merged) had to be reverted, but I added an explicit unit test that ensures the behavior is preserved (I even prefer it that way instead of hijacking existing tests).

The changes introduced by this MR are backward compatible and fully functional, although we may add usability improvements (e.g. define optional conditions with defaults via ConditionConfigHelper).

On a side note, !466 (merged) was meant to change the way formatting was checked, but we decided to split the changes in two: add pre-commit config and later change formatting (using newer clang-format). Unfortunately the refactoring removed the formatting check, so I'm restoring it here (but I can move it to a different MR).

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