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VELO Upgrade II Geometry for Future Upgrades Structure

Dan Thompson requested to merge future_upgrades_structure_VP-Param-Sx into master
  • New U2 Velo moved from VP to "TV", Timing Velo
  • Parameterised model defined in compact/components/trunk/TV/parameters.xml with full instructions on what and how to change the design
  • Currently set to "Scenario X" with:
    • Pixel Size = 55um
    • Inner radius = 7.2 mm
    • Each chip made up of 256 x 256 pixels arranged into 2 rows of 3 chips
    • Foil is a cylinder of aluminium 75um thick with a radius of 3.5mm, with the same z-length as the current foil
    • Guard ring is specifically factorised out with a different, inactive silicon
  • Parameterised Model means changing parameters.xml allows quick changes to geometry including swapping in corrugated foil

Other Branches/MRs:


  • Decide on final pixel pitch, foil geometry & z positions of sensors - can maybe merge this already and make such changes in subsequent MR
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