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Update to HCAL Geometry (beam plug and rear tungsten shield)

Daniele Manuzzi requested to merge dmanuzzi_HCAL_Wshield into master

The geometry of the innermost region of the HCAL changed between LS3 and LS4 to provide additional shielding to the MUON system. The geometry updates comprise:

  • reduced clearance of the beam plug in the part facing M2;
  • a tungsten shield in the position of the PMTs of the 16 HCAL cells on the left and right sides of the beam plug;

For reference:

The corresponding updates to DetDesc are available in lhcb-condb/DDDB!127.

This MR also fixes two discrepancies with DetDesc:

  • the lvHcalFwOutStripVol was placed only once in the HcalFwFaceSubModule, whereas two placements are needed (see l. 136-148 of DDDB/Hcal/Cell/Face.xml)
  • the HCAL modules of the Right-Inner region are rotated by 180 degrees around the z-axis (see l. 185 of DDDB/Hcal/Installation/Inner.xml)

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