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Internal compatibility of python configuration (Gauss)

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-internal-compatibility into Futurev5

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Work based on Gaussino/Gaussino!97 (merged)

Contains commits from !905 (merged), that will disappear in the preview when merged.

The main goal of this MR is to ensure that the python options used in Gauss are correctly propagated between its configurables, as well as to Gaussino configurables. Some of the configurables have been renamed in order to make them compatible with Gaussino configurables. The naming strategy follows the scheme presented below:


The most important changes are:

  • configurables:
    • Gauss (sets up Gaussino),
    • new GaussGeneration (sets up GaussinoGeneration),
    • G4Physics -> GaussSimulation (sets up GaussinoSimulation),
    • LHCbGeo -> GaussGeometry (sets up GaussinoGeometry),
  • DD4hep becomes the default for >= Run3,
  • major refactoring of all the configurables,
  • removed old / not tested options,
  • new file that holds the defaults lists of detectors to be used depending on the provided DataType
  • pytests just for the configuration.

The documentation is not ready and will be updated in the new configuration.

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