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Run3 File Summary Record

Marco Clemencic requested to merge fsr-for-run3 into master

This MR introduces a new File Summary Record implementation for Run3.

A few key aspects of the implementation are:

  • leverage on the new Gaudi::Monitoring infrastructure
  • simple (JSON) persistent format recorded in the ROOT file as a simple string

These features guarantee that:

  • it is trivial to add a new entry to the FSR
  • extracting the FSR from a ROOT file is trivial:
    import json
    import ROOT
    f = ROOT.TFile.Open("my_file.root")
    fsr = json.loads(str(f.FileSummaryRecord))

At the moment there is still much work to do (reading, merging, more frameworks info to record, ...), but it's a reasonable proof of concept.

Requires gaudi/Gaudi!1379 (merged) gaudi/Gaudi!1389 (merged) !3830 (merged)

Note: that !3830 (merged) is needed only because without it LHCb does not compile if gaudi/Gaudi!1389 (merged) is applied


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