Utilities to create TCKs for HLT1

Roel Aaij requested to merge hlt1_git_tck into master

The persistent format of TCKs in git repositories was defined as part of !3286 (merged). This MR adds the following to hlttck_cdb_listkeys:

  • allow input to be read from stdin;
  • allow import from JSON;
  • allow export to JSON;
  • write a manifest for a git repository;
  • use nlohmann::json instead of custom to_json code;
  • slightly change the format of git commit messages to contain only the metadata required to create a manifest;
  • factor some of the code out into HltServicesLib so it can be used downstream to load configurations from git without running the executable;
  • allow TCKs to be added to an existing repository.

The JSON that is used to import a configuration is expected to include a JSON manifest in the pre-existing format under the "manifest" key.

Needed for Allen!1149 (merged) and MooreOnline!212 (merged) Goes with Moore!2305 (closed)

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