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Update lumi en/de-coders and monitor for HLT2 lumi counters

Daniel Charles Craik requested to merge dcraik_hlt2_lumi into master

Various changes to LHCb needed to add the Hlt2 luminosity line. Specifically:

  • HltLumiWriter and HltLumiSummaryDecoder now use SourceIDs
    • as the previous functionality of HltLumiSummaryDecoder (to combine all banks present into a single HltLumiSummary object regardless of SourceID) is potentially also useful, this is retained if sourceID==SourceID::Dummy
  • The machinery related to SourceIDs has been updated to support LumiSummary banks
  • PyConf.application.configure now flushes all key_registries to git rather than just the ANN registry

Test with Moore!2454 (merged), Rec!3472 (merged) and MooreOnline!248 (merged)

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