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Add RICH and Calo lumi counters, re-add lumi algorithms

Daniel Charles Craik requested to merge dcraik-hlt2-lumi-with-rich into master
  • Re-add LumiCounterFromContainer and LumiCounterMerger originally added with Phys!618 (merged) and removed with !3108 (merged)

  • Add algorithms to fill RICH and Calo lumi counters, to be used in HLT2.

  • Add the names, sizes, and shift/scale factors for lumi counters as properties of the Rec algorithms responsible for producing them. The properties are only used at configuration time to define the LumiSummary bank format.

Goes with LHCb!4130 (merged) Moore!2454 (merged) MooreOnline!248 (merged)

Edited by Rosen Matev

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