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Check of unique rawbank sourceID in SelectiveCombineRawBankViewsToPersist

Miroslav Saur requested to merge msaur_CombineRawEvent_sourceID_check into master

Added rawbank sourceID check to SelectiveCombineRawBankViewsToPersist and CombineRawBankViewsToPersist Check is implemented as parsing unordered_multimap with saved sourceID of all banks which were already combined into a new rawevent.

Currently, test_excl_spruce_2023_1_data.qmt will fail as data taken during that period consist of bug where ODIN banks were saved twice. For that reason the newly introduced parameter, AllowSameSourceID, is set to True.

Goes together with Moore!2796 (merged)

Resolves Moore#614 (closed)

Edited by Miroslav Saur

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