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Fix for the UT ZS decoder

Wojciech Krupa requested to merge ut/zs_decoder_fix into 2024-patches

This MR concerns fixes in the UT ZS decoder:

  1. UT ZS decoder struggles with decoding the UTError packet whose minimal size is 128b even if empty (to comprise Flag Header). It causes an error because for an empty UT bank 32b are expected. We introduced a condition that skips this checkup for UTError smaller than 128b. pic
  2. It also comprises several minor improvements in decoder printouts, changes in the processing of the input (RawEvent to RawBank::View), and rewriting the options file to adjust to changes introduced in the decoder.

Two fixes to UT decoder from !4559 (merged) :

  1. Suppress UT clusters with 0 ADC charges.
  2. Use integer to calculate LHCbID instead of float to avoid inconsistent result due to floating point rounding. Related MR: Equivalent Allen MR for LHCbID fix (Allen suppresses 0 ADC charge correctly): Allen!1607 (merged) image ** ** patch generated by
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