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Persist options to FileSummaryRecord (FSR)

Ellinor Eckstein requested to merge eleckste/persist-options-to-fsr into 2024-patches

Work on .

fyi @erodrigu @nskidmor :)

Persist the options used for Sprucing to create a .dst file to its FileSummaryRecord. The goal is to have data files that are self contained i.e. information necessary for further processing should be contained in the file itself (dbtags etc.). Useful for Automatic configuration of Analysis productions for Run3 see DaVinci#145 .

Test to check whether writing the options works correctly is implemented in LHCbIntegrationTests!70 (merged)

This is what the application_options in the FSR look like:

{"append_decoding_keys_to_output_manifest": true,
"auditors": [],
"buffer_events": 20000,
"compression": null,
"conddb_tag": "sim-20231017-vc-md100",
"conditions_version": "jonrob/all-pmts-active",
"control_flow_file": null,
"data_flow_file": null,
"data_type": "Upgrade",
"dddb_tag": "dddb-20231017",
"event_store": "HiveWhiteBoard",
"event_timeout": null,
"evt_max": -1,
"first_evt": 0,
"geometry_version": "run3/trunk",
"histo_file": "spruce_test_lines_histos.root",
"input_files": ["hlt2_2or3bodytopo_test.mdf"],
"input_manifest_file": "hlt2_2or3bodytopo_test.tck.json",
"input_process": "Hlt2",
"input_raw_format": 0.5,
"input_type": "RAW",
"memory_pool_size": 10485760,
"monitoring_file": null,
"msg_svc_format": "% F%35W%S %7W%R%T %0W%M",
"msg_svc_time_format": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S UTC",
"n_event_slots": 1,
"n_threads": 1,
"ntuple_file": null,
"output_file": "spruce_test_lines_production.dst",
"output_level": 3,
"output_manifest_file": "spruce_test_lines_production.tck.json",
"output_type": "ROOT",
"persistreco_version": 1.0,
"phoenix_filename": null,
"preamble_algs": [],
"print_freq": 10000,
"process": "Spruce",
"python_logging_level": 20,
"require_specific_decoding_keys": [],
"scheduler_legacy_mode": true,
"simulation": true,
"tck": null,
"use_iosvc": false,
"write_decoding_keys_to_git": true,
"write_options_to_fsr": true,
"xml_file_catalog": null,
"xml_summary_file": null}
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