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Support v7 packed tracks (w/clusters on track)

Laurent Dufour requested to merge ld-track-clusters-on-track into 2024-patches

Combination of merge requests for cluster persistence & track refitting

(Linked MRs: Rec!3708 (merged) LHCb!4364 (merged) Alignment!440 (merged) LHCbIntegrationTests!60 (merged) DaVinci!1047 (merged) Detector!564 (merged) (cherry-pick of Detector!534 (merged)) MooreOnline!445 (merged) )

These merge requests introduce the ability to update track parameters, expected to be a necessity for the systematic studies in time-dependent measurements such as Delta M_s. The concepts of these merge requests have been introduced in the following RTA presentations:

  1. March '24 - RTA/DPA general meeting
  2. March '24 (WP2)
  3. February '24 (WP2)
  4. December '23 (WP2)
  5. November '23 (WP1)
  6. October '23 (WP2)

To summarize, it persists trivial versions of the 'hits' on the track. Everything is backwards compatible. These trivial 'hit' versions only contain information relevant to the track fit, and are not coupled to the detector decoding. Many quality-of-life improvements also go together with this MR that help to work with clusters and tracks.

Closes #159 (closed) LHCb#350 (closed) Rec#453 (closed) LHCb#353 (closed)

This Moore MR

  • Introduces the support of VPMicroClusters and UTHitClusters, and adds the needed converters
  • Introduces tests to said converters
  • Adds the toolhandle calls to add clusters to tracks in converters and the track fit
  • Adds the track_refitting module to RecoConf to help users refit tracks
Edited by Laurent Dufour

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