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[Charm] Tune doubly charmed baryon hadronic lines

Ao Xu requested to merge axu-tune-ccbaryon-hadronic into 2024-patches

Tune doubly charmed baryon hadronic lines with 2024 MC. Requirements of mass window, kinematic, PID, and topology are revisited. No new lines are added.

Change of persistency. PersistReco is enabled for benchmark lines XiccppToLcpKmPipPip_LcpToPpKmPip, XiccppToXicpPip_XicpToPpKmPip, XiccpToLcpKmPip_LcpToPpKmPip and OmegaccToXicpKmPip_XicpToPpKmPip, in order to search for excited states and measure multiplicity-dependent production. The exclusive rate for these lines are below 2Hz, so the impact on bandwidth is expected to be small.

Change of rate. The rate of Hlt2Charm_XiccpToD0Pp_D02KmPip, which is the dominant one in the master branch, is reduced by 80%. Rates of other lines were small, and are either similar or reduced significantly.

Change of efficiency. The efficiency of the benchmark line, XiccppToLcpKmPipPip_LcpToPpKmPip, is improved by 130%.

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