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Draft: Sexaquark Hlt2 WithUT Turbo lines

First part of the trigger line searching for Sexaquarks as proposed in MR !2296 (closed). We currently only include Sexaquarks interacting with protons to give \bar{\Lambda}^0 K^+ and neutrons to give \bar{\Lambda}^0 K_s^0. Pions originating from the same interation vertex are also included as extra_outputs.

The cuts are to be finalised soon. At this point, the BW of the 7 lines together are well below the 7*10 MB/s, as can be seen below. No signal sample can be provided, so please adjust the PID_K of the kaons, the CHI2DOF or else the prescales if it turns out to be necessary.

Using the code snippet $3092 and expected_2024_min_bias_hlt1_filtered_v2:

  • Ran over 325583 events
  • Turbo fileisize = 13 MB. Turbo events fired = 235 (all lines together)
  • Turbo Rate = 1 MHz * 235 / 325583 = 721 Hz
  • Turbo BW = 1 MHz * 13 MB / 325583 = 40 MB/s
Edited by Wouter Morren

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