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Overlap tool for HltEfficiencyChecker

Jamie Gooding requested to merge jagoodin-hlt-overlap-tool into master

The following Merge Request introduces a new tool for calculating the overlap between selection overlaps. A preliminary version of the tool was introduced in a talk for RTA WP3 on 20th Feb. 2023. Documentation can be found at Moore!2116 (merged). Tests of the tool via the examples can be found at jagoodin/overlap-tool-tests.

To-do list


  • Write calculator into HltEfficiencyChecker:
    • Match to style of other HltEfficiencyChecker scripts:
      • Convert across to PyROOT from uproot
      • Remove numpy dependence
      • Remove matplotlib dependence (if possible)
      • Remove pandas dependence (if possible)
    • Fix plotting:
    • Introduce full error handling:
      • NaN cases:
      • Groups not found:
      • Paths not specified:
    • Fully comment code:
  • Write documentation see Moore!2116 (merged): : white_check_mark:
    • Write section in docs: : white_check_mark:
    • Produce demo examples:
  • Write tests:

Closes #10 (closed)

Edited by Jamie Gooding

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