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Add first QEE rates and efficiencies options

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-add-first-qee-optioons into qee_upgrade

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This MR is based upon !12 (merged) and uses the HltEfficiencyChecker package to give us the rate of the single muon line and gives us the ability to plot efficiencies versus kinematic variables and for different efficiency denominators. This is done for the W+jet sample. Configuration for HltEfficiencyChecker can be provided via either hlt2_QEE_eff_example.yaml or The former is easiest to use:

MooreAnalysis/run MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/scripts/ MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/options/hlt2_QEE_eff_example.yaml`

will make a plot like this:


where the different coloured markers represent different efficiency denominators.

The rate is 1 \pm 0.3 kHz when measured on HLT1-filtered minimum bias, if you assume that the HLT1 output rate/HLT2 input rate is 1 MHz, which has been the number floating around RTA talks. If measured on non-HLT1-filtered minimum bias, I get 3 \pm 3 kHz, where the error is so large because I ran out of minimum bias.

In the same way we do with Moore, I have targeted the qee_upgrade branch of MooreAnalysis for this.

(Documentation for this tool is being constructed in Moore!542 (merged) and a talk explaining what this tool does/how to use it will happen soon, but given I'm one of the developers of this tool, we get to be the guinea pig!)

Requires !12 (merged) and dependencies therein

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