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Probe and long tracks matcher algorithm for Tracking Efficiency Studies

Giulia Frau requested to merge giuliaf_matchalg into master

The ProbeAndLongMatcher is developed in the context of tracking efficiency studies.
Its function is to check the overlap level between the probe track and a long track, where the probe track is extracted as daughter of a composite. The overlap is checked in the sub-detectors where the probe tracks have hits, therefore the choice of the sub-detectors is added as property of the algorithm itself. The algorithm returns both the selected composites and the selected long tracks.

Many thanks to @apearce and @sstahl for the important inputs and suggestions.

We currently put the algo under the folder Phys/RelatedInfoTools, not sure if this is the best location though.

To be tested with LHCb!3246 (merged), Rec!2496 (merged) and Moore!967 (merged). cc @peilian

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