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Update standalone muon, muonut and velomuon tracks for the study of tracking efficiency

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Based on the Run2 StandloneMuon, MuonTT and VeloMuonBuilder to update the algorithms for the study of tracking efficiency in Run3.

  • StandaloneMuonRec.cpp reconstructs muon tracks from hits in stations M5->M4->M3->M2, taking hits in M5 as Seed. There is also possibility to take hits in M4 as Seed if enable the property SecondLoop (in which case, the background is much higher, set default as False).

  • MuonUTTracking.cpp takes the standalone muon tracks as input, taking use of the PrAddUTHitsTools to add UT hits. ( close issue #205 (closed))

  • VeloMuonBuilder.cpp is updated with Transformer, taking velo and muon tracks as input. (credits go to @rowina)

  • add Muon MC truth match in PrTrackAssociator.cpp for the truth-match of Muon, MuonUT and VeloMuon tracks

  • Remove the unused algorithms: Tr/TrackTools/src/StandaloneMuonPoint.h, Tr/TrackTools/src/StandaloneMuonRec.h, Tr/TrackTools/src/StandaloneMuonRegion.h, Tr/TrackTools/src/StandaloneMuonStationRec.h

Since the TrackMasterFitter/Fitter is need to take care of the fit of non-official tracks, the LHCb::Event::v1::Track is used overall.

Comments are welcome! @sstahl @decianm @gunther @chasse

  • Remove the duplicated code in muon hits search
  • Optimize the linearFit code a bit
  • Optimize the VeloMuonBuilder.cpp

Tests and configurations are added in Moore!967 (merged), should go with Phys!969 (merged), LHCb!3246 (merged)

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