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Functors for vertex isolation

Tommaso Fulghesu requested to merge tfulghes-vertex-isolation into master
  • Remove VTXFITCHI2 and Vertex.h class
  • Introduction of functional functors like ENTRY_WITH_MIN_REL_VALUE_OF and ENTRY_WITH_MAX_REL_VALUE_OF to compose for obtaining the vertex variables defined in VertexIsolation.cpp and used in TupleToolVtxIsoln.cpp. You can get the entry in the relation table with the minimum/maximum value of the functors' call. It could be used to evaluate the mass of the candidate that makes the minimum DELTACHI2 with the reference particle (vertex isolation variable).
  • Dummy tests in TestFunctor.cpp for the previous functors
  • Introduction of SMALLEST_DELTACHI2 and PARTICLE_PROPERTY_SMALLEST_DELTACHI2 to be used as helper functor to retrieve vertex isolation variables
  • Improvement of docstrings in init file
  • Introduction of VertexAndConeIsolation tool and helper class to derive cone and vertex isolation variables offline

Applications in Analysis!913 (merged) and DaVinci!741 (merged) for the evaluation of vertex isolation variables

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