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ITkPix source scan

Yannick Manuel Dieter requested to merge itkpix_source_scan into development

This MR will add the possibility to do a source scan (or external trigger scan) with ITkPixV1. Further, it adds the interpretation of non-compressed HMAP and makes this the default.

ITkPix command stream fixtures are updated since configuration has changed (hmap not compressed anymore, trigger on command loop and ptot enabling moved to from scan() to configure())

Closes #487 (closed), #488 (closed), #490 (closed).


  • new FW @matvogt
  • check why rel. BCID has so large background
  • check why a few events have wrong structure (TRG word comes in between consecutive tags, limiting the artificially the trigger rate does not help (< 15 kHz))
  • ITkPix self trigger scan
  • same latency for RD53A and RD53B + match latency for injections and trigger scans (later)
  • add unit test for interpreting non-compressed hmap
  • Fix online analysis using PTOT mode
  • Fix PTOT/PTOA analysi when using un-compressed HMAP
  • Fix FW: gives 220-223 Tags in external trigger
  • Add de-compressed HMAP analysis to online analysis
  • Make decompression of hmap configurable in testbench.yaml
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