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Fix CP3SlurmUtils issues; various other changes

Sebastien Wertz requested to merge variousChanges into master

This mainly solves the non-ideal situation with the CP3SlurmUtils package. After this is merged you'll have to:

  • upgrade bamboo
  • install CP3SlurmUtils using python -m pip install -i CP3SlurmUtils (inside of your bamboo venv)
  • remove the part in your PYTHONPATH pointing to my or Kyle's CP3SlurmUtils folder
  • do mkdir ~/.config/CP3SlurmUtils; ln -s (abs path to)/ttbbRun2Bamboo/config/defaults.cfg ~/.config/CP3SlurmUtils

Also, you can do the following to avoid having to specify the .ini file each time you call bambooRun: ln -s (abs path to)/ttbbRun2Bamboo/config/bamboo.ini ~/.config/bamboorc

Other changes include (mainly):

  • Remove duplicate application of b-tag SF patches in the controlPlotter. Instead, there is now a command-line argument to select which ones to use.
  • Better handle the case when we run on both the 4FS and 5FS samples (note: for now the samples_template.yml was changed to make sure the ttB part is only taken from the 4FS samples): the overlap is removed before running plotIt (in the controlPlotter only for now!!)
  • With topNanoAOD the branch storing the PS weights has changed
  • QCD (renormalization/factorization scales): instead of taking the envelope of the 7-point variation, create two separate uncertainties for muR/muF. Further checks might be needed to compare with the simultaneous variation of muR and muF.
  • Added a script to check the PS or QCD weights in nanoAOD files, and thus:
  • I've updated the list of samples with buggy PS or QCD weights in /t3home/swertz/bambooDev/ttbbRun2Bamboo/config/buggyThSyst.yml. It's also possible some remaining issues in the QCD weights (order of weights different from assumed one) remain: TODO.

Feedback welcome!

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