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Updates to b-tagging studies

Sebastien Wertz requested to merge bTagStudies into master

Note: based on !30 (merged)

  • Update to latest 3D SF patches
  • 3D and 2D/ttH patches: careful about overflow! Take last bin when HT/nJets/nBJets is above the axis limit.
  • bTagPlotter:
    • Enforce that it only runs on ttbar MC
    • Now has three "modes": --patches, --effs, --check for producing the patches and efficiencies, and comparison plots
    • Add plots to compare b-tagging efficiencies (vs. pT) in various jet multiplicity bins; also compare quark vs. gluon vs. "inclusive" jets; also compare deepCSV and deepFlavour.
  • BTagEffEvaluator.h: protect against overflows in pT (was causing crashes because of infinite bins, noticed by @umolinat )
  • definitions: more efficient to select before sorting the jets
  • definitions: also add deepCSV working points for b-tagging studies
  • add definition of quark and gluon jets to recoBaseTtbbPlotter
  • Some small fixes to histogram and plotting scripts

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