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Updated documentation and fixes for multiple DSIDs

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge production into master

More info will be added - just to keep track of added items for now.

  • Added checklist for approvers in .gitlab/merge_request_templates/ also in README (Closes #19 (closed))
  • Updated instructions for how to upload new jO using the automatic script (Closes #18 (closed))
  • Added git push -o ci.skip origin in automatic script to skip the pipelines when the branch is first created
  • Pick up Frank's change for check_added_files
  • Skip athena jobs for directories where there is no log.generate.short (Closes #17 (closed))
  • Use Gen_tf instead of Generate_tf (Closes #16 (closed))
  • Check that there are no explicit "MC15JobOptions/..." includes
  • Change check_modified_files to fix #25 (closed)
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