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Running athena in CI

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge run_athena2 into master

This MR implements the following:

Major changes

  • Implementation of athena job in CI
  • Automatic script for adding new DSIDs (or preparing the necessary input like log.generate.short for git submission (Closes #9 (closed))

Other small changes

  • Fix for wrong job triggering when creating a branch (Closes #11 (closed))
  • Make sure that jobs that might be triggered by mistake finish successfully, e.g. a job that is supposed to check the physics short is triggered when no jO files have been added in the commit (Closes #14 (closed))
  • Added job that checks which files are being committed against a white-list (for contingency in case the automatic script for git submission is not used)
  • Renaming of first CI stage

Tests that close existing issues

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