Commit 6b40ed03 authored by Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska Committed by Atlas Nightlybuild
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Merge branch '21.6_MGC_SDE_Strategy_Patch' into '21.6'

Patching MadGraphControl use of sde_strategy

See merge request !46391

(cherry picked from commit 3d581e01)

a781a54a Patching MadGraphControl use of sde_strategy
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......@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@ def new_process(process='generate p p > t t~\noutput -f', keepJpegs=False, usePM
# After 2.9.3, enforce the standard default sde_strategy, so that this won't randomly change on the user
if is_version_or_newer([2,9,3]):
if is_version_or_newer([2,9,3]) and not is_NLO_run(process_dir=process_dir):'Setting default sde_strategy to old default (1)')
my_settings = {'sde_strategy':1}
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