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Add ViewDataVerifier for in-view LRT FTF instances

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:23.0-LRTFTF-VDV into 23.0

In !61235 (merged), the new FTF LRT configurator only provided the FTF algorithm. This works fine for FS LRT, but @martindl encountered a crash in displaced jets in !64630 (merged). It seems that the previous RDOs did not progress far enough through the displaced jets chains (or displaced vertex chains) to trigger the AlgStall.

The resolution is to also configure a ViewDataVerifier for the in-view LRT instances so that the full-event inputs are transmitted to the view. The displaced jet and displaced vertex configs also needed to be corrected to set up a proper in-view sequence rather than misconfigure the FS one.

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