Speed-up plotting routines

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Implement parallel plotting via multiprocessing for the DAC scans and S-bit rate scan analysis routines.

Related Issue

Fixes #37 (closed).

How Has This Been Tested?

Taking example input files available in /gemdata/data/dac-scan-in-2022081701 and /afs/cern.ch/work/c/cgalloni/public/4Yechan/ for the DAC scans and /gemdata/data/sbit-rate-scan-in-inductionOffHVstandby-2022110801 for the S-bit rate scan.

The changes were tested by running:

gemos analyze dac dac-scan-in-2022081701/fed146* test_dac1/ -m 4Yechan/vfat_map.dat -c 4Yechan/vfat_calibration.txt -p always
gemos analyze sbit sbit-rate-scan-in-inductionOffHVstandby-2022110801/fed1467-slot* test1_sbit/ -p 

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