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Xuhao Yuan requested to merge upgrade/UTv4r2-newUTID into upgrade/master

New UT geometry for alignment on UT side, stave face and real sensor.

(1) UTHalfStructure/Geometry.xml: UT has A/C side instead of StationA/B

(2) StaveGeometry.xml: Stave has front/back face.

(3) Staves/*structure.xml: staveID & side informations added

(4) UTStaveA/B/CStructure.ent: In each face, new structure 'module' added and contains the 1 or 2 sector/sensor

(5) Staves shifts in x direction by ~2mm to fix the sensor coverage issue.

Works with SIMCOND!143 (merged), lhcb/LHCb!2995 (merged), lhcb/Lbcom!550 (merged), lhcb/Boole!334 (merged), lhcb/Moore!785 (merged), lhcb/Allen!865 (merged), lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!230 (merged), lhcb/Detector!181 (merged), lhcb/Rec!2403 (merged)

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