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Update UT Channel ID and geometry

Xuhao Yuan requested to merge UT-newID-and-Geo into master

(1) New version of UTChannelID added in UTChannelID.h.

  • New ID has the informations UTtype, side, half-size layer, staveID, face, module, subsector and strip.
  • strip ID starts from 0 instead of 1 in old one.
  • With new map UTIDMapping.h, the old/new version of UTID can be converted.

(2) new Det/UTDet developed to decode the new DDDB/SIMCOND

  • also work for old DDDB/SIMCOND

(3) GaudiConf/python/GaudiConf/ UTCluster is replaced by UTTightDigit

Works with Lbcom!550 (merged), Boole!334 (merged), Rec!2403 (merged), Allen!865 (merged), Detector!181 (merged), Moore!785 (merged), lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!230 (merged), lhcb-conddb/DDDB!79 (merged), lhcb-conddb/SIMCOND!143 (merged)

Fully backward compatibility for old DDDB/SIMCOND.

Edited by Giovanni Bassi

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