RICH - SIN model & Claro time properties update.

Provide information needed for an improved SIN model:

  • replace SIN probability values with SIN ratio in the PMT channel properties
  • use minimum-bias occupancy for the SIN model (instead of the B-event one); the currently stored values are simulated for nu=7.6 using Gauss/v54r3 with lhcb/Gauss!646 (merged) modifications and the simulation input updates for RICH (DDDB!61 (merged)).

Also updates the Claro time properties with the most recent values (measured by Floris, 2020-08).

Needs lhcb/LHCb!2806 (merged) and lhcb/Boole!309 (merged) to run.

!116 (merged) should be merged first.

Edited by Bartosz Piotr Malecki

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