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Fix UT geometry and tracking

Hangyi Wu requested to merge ut-geo-fixes into master

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This MR is to correct UT geometry flaws, including

  • fix wrong stave staggering and positioning (swap X corrections between two sides, reverse staggering)
  • fix overlaps
    • adding UTEpsilon (1μm) between volumes to avoid surface sharing
    • removing Air from UT volumes to avoid overlaps (except lvSectorHole)
    • splitting lvUTPipeHeater into two "InUT" and "InMagnet" segments
  • fix tracking issues
    • fix DeUT::getLayerGeom
    • fix assignment of stereo angle issue
    • fix localU and localUToStrip
  • other improvements
    • fix End-of-stave structure
    • fix UTBox dimension
    • validated correspondence of stave new nickname (with new ChannelID, C/A sides) and old name (old ChannelID, a/b stations)
    • improving visualization

Validated by

  • Core Software
  • RTA
  • Simulation
Edited by Ben Couturier

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