Add setting for configuring output of PGUN simulation (@adavis)

Marco Cattaneo requested to merge modify_simconf_for_pgpv-master into master

Cherry-picked from !2375 (merged) on sim09-patches

Modify to take into account that if PGPrimaryVertex is run, it needs to write the "reconstructed" PV at the same time.


  • add PGUN to simconf to write faked PV to dst
  • modify addMCVertices to ask if PGUN is set. If so, write to 'Rec/Vertex/Primary'

Goes with !2384 (merged) and the cherry-pick to master of Gauss!556 (merged)

Will need to be ported to all branches that contain Boole/Moore/Brunel/Stripping processing steps for all years of pGun productions with Gauss v54r0 (Sim10) and Gauss v49r16 (Sim09) or later. To be activated for steps that process pGun, by setting SimConf().pGun=True

Ready for merging, has been tested in sim09-patches slots

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