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Fix stripID order in DeUTSector and DeUTSensor

Xuhao Yuan requested to merge UT_v1r1 into master

Det/UTDet/UTDet/DeUTSector.h, DeUTSensor.h and Det/UTDet/src/Lib/DeUTSector.cpp, DeUTSensor.cpp are modified as:

  1. new codes can read the ReadoutMap in dd/condition and the member variable DeUTSector::m_stripflip can modified into false in case the old Readout Map is called (TELL1 data format)
  2. member variable DeUTSensor::m_stripflip inheriting from the DeUTSector::m_stripflip.
  3. function trajectory in both of DeUTSector and DeUTSensor can tell the correct stripID order in the old/new version of ReadoutMap

goes together with Rec!2335 (merged), Moore!725 (merged) and Boole!330 (merged), closes Rec#174 (closed)

Edited by Rosen Matev

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