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Use new MC samples in tests with data-like decoding versions

Michel De Cian requested to merge decianm-newDigiForDD4HepTest into master

Update default_input_and_conds_hlt2 and mdf_input_and_conds_hlt2 to lastet MC simulation, using the same decoding versions as in data.

Needs lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!256 (merged) and LHCb!3775 (merged) (Fix for VPRetinaSPmixer)

Needs Lbcom!630 (merged) and Lbcom!652 (merged) (fix CaloClusEff)

Needs lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!287 (merged) to keep rate tests unchanged

Needs Alignment!361 (merged)

Needs Rec!3372 (merged)

Needs MooreAnalysis!118 (merged)

Closes Rec#436 (closed)

Edited by Arthur Marius Hennequin

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