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Triggerlines for the study of the tracking efficiency

Rowina Caspary requested to merge rowina_TrackRecoEff into master

relies on Rec merge request Rec!2496 (merged) and Phys merge request Phys!969 (merged), LHCb!3246 (merged)

cc @peilian

  • selects events with a tag and a probe track with the Tagging lines, and events where the probe machtes a long track with the Matching lines, for two different charges of the probe and for the SciFiUT line (VeloMuon probe) and Velo line (SciFiUT probe). Further lines will be added. The specific cuts can be adaptes and are currently being optimised (credit also goes to @gifrau)

  • is called by, is called by, is called by - these set up the necessary standalone reconstruction sequence for the probe tracks using the algorithms in Rec!2496 (merged) (credit also goes to @gifrau)

  • change to include muon hits in the truth matching

  • lines to raise ValueError("Could not find unique LHCb::Particle outputs of {}". commented out

  • needs to register the multiple use of MuonIDAlgLite by hand due to this error: ERROR LHCb::Hlt::PackedData::Writer:: Requested to persist link to /Event/HLT2/MuonIDAlgLite#1/MuonTrackLocation but no ID is registered for it in the ANNSvc! StatusCode=FAILURE

  • is used to test the lines and create a dst file containing the information about events that passed either of the trigger lines. This doubles as a test for Rec!2496 (merged)

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